Reinventing the 3D printer wheel

A few months ago, I picked up a reprap Huxley. Life happened, and I only recently managed to get it up and running.

After the initial commissioning pain, that apparently all newbies go through, great I got it working 🙂

So of course immediately I discovered the Huxley’s limitations (bed size, and that damn Bowden tube), followed by Thingverse and a burning desire to ‘enhance’ my 3D printer.

At first I looked at minor modifications to my Huxley, but shortly concluded if it’s worth doing, it’s worth going damn well overboard on.

The current goal, is to make a CNC base, with swapable heads, swapable beds and some seriously enhanced firmware.

Once I get the bugs kinked out, the code and files tidied up and if there is any actual interest, I will be happy to release all plans and source code – nothing worse than seeing someones project, getting excited and then not being able to replicate it yourself.


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